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We house, educate, feed, and care for girls who have been traumatized by terrorism.

Bring freedom & empowerment to women & girls by donating to LEAH FOUNDATION'S
Hope & Freedom Center.
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Thanks for Continuing to pray for the Release of Leah & other captive victims


terrorism in Nigeria has widowed many women. 

These women are often left vulnerable and helpless after losing their husbands


provides a week of small business training and discipleship to a woman.


starts a micro-loan group and materials to help these women launch a business.

what is my gift

going towards?

Your gift is so needed

in our efforts to help Leah and other girls affected by terrorism.


The LEAH Foundation is the only official organization in the world sanctioned by Leah’s parents to receive funds in Leah’s name.


We greatly value financial integrity and manage our resources according to biblical standards, as well as U.S. tax law. As such we are working with our USA partners, to process our donations until our USA registration is completed. 


Financial integrity includes accountability and transparency, both of which are important aspects of our project's system.


We report regularly on the use of funds and the achievement of ministry objectives.


Our projects system is designed to help meet needs and give comfort knowing that resources are being used wisely and effectively.

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