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Leah Sharibu painted by David

Leah is still in captivity But there are other girls who have been 
affected by terrorists.

We are providing freedom

and empowerment.



for girls and women who have been affected by attacks or are in a form of captivity


advocacy and pressure for Leah's release -and other girls in similar situations. 


for Leah and other similar girls, for their release.

  What we are doing 

We are also supporting and empowering women who have been widowed because of terrorist attacks, girls in different forms of captivity, and more...

Spreading prayer support for Leah Sharibu and girls like her.

Educating and caring for girls from Leah's village who have been orphaned or traumatized by terrorism. 

Advocating for the release of Leah Sharibu through press, public awareness, and petitions.

Preparing a place where Leah can receive 

trauma healing, education, discipleship, and protection.

Supporting Leah's family: Nathan, Rebecca, and Donald Sharibu

terrorism in Nigeria has widowed many women. 

These women are often left vulnerable and helpless after losing their husbands


provides a week of small business training and discipleship to a woman.


starts a micro-loan group and materials to help these women launch a business.

Please join the Leah Foundation to welcome Sue Perkins, as she joins our team as a ministry partner. She arrived in Nigeria in November and is working directly with Gloria and Miriam with the women and girls and Hope and Freedom Center. Please reach out and encourage her and please join he support team of prayer and financial.

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